Dr. Jai Belton
Certified Trauma Recovery Coach Supervisor and Adolescent and Family Trauma Professional

Since 1995, as a trained clinician, I’ve helped my clients break through the strongholds of their experiences that are holding them back in life. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let me help you learn coping and resiliency skills to better handle a life of your creation that is not overshadowed or limited by trauma's effects.

The (Family Interactional Systemic Transformation (F.I.S.T) Model was designed with a resiliency and solution based mindset. Carefully walking along side her clients, Dr. Jai emphasizes that this process is individualistic, comprehensive and safe. This model is also used by individuals as they navigate their personal and professional interactions. Dr. Jai realizes we do not operate in isolation but within a myriad of systems all of which we impact and impacts us.

The Initial Phase of The F.I.S.T. Model focuses on creating safety and support to dig deep into the stressors that someone is experiencing. Upon identifying those stressors, the client and Dr. Jai will delve into them to determine what are the issues that are fueling these stressors. Common challenges can be grief and loss, high stress levels, attachment deficits, abandonment and betrayal, unmet basic needs and traumatic experiences. 

The 2nd phase of The F.I.S.T. Model focuses on clarity. This phase goes into the ways to resolve the undercurrents that continue to add stress to your life and your interactions with others. This is the stage where we create the roadmap to your wellbeing. It's the "what do you need in place or need to do to get to where you want to be." We will create a road map to follow that will directly address the driving forces of the behaviors of your current circumstances.

The 3rd and final phase of The F.I.S.T. Model involves putting behaviors into action, reviewing for barriers or additional challenges and celebrating the successes. Additional support in the form of practice and reflection will occur to help the positive transformation to be part of your life. It is here that Dr. Jai's clients develop a new sense of self and a future that is not negatively focused or overshadowed by negative interactions.

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