Dealing with Life Changes (Self-Paced)

Dealing with Life Changes (Self-Paced)

Change is an inevitable part of life. Clinging to what is will not prevent or equip you to manage what will be. Diligence can affect change, but it will not prevent it from happening. If you resist change, that’s scary news. If you love change, it’s part of the thrill. This self-paced course will walk you through a different experience with change.

Loving or loathing change is often tied to a few things:

● Frequency and intensity of change

● Types of change

● Experiences during change

The word change may excite or scare you. This is tied to your personal experience with the significant changes you have faced in life so far. There are types of change that are fun and improve your life, like redecorating a room or making an upwardly mobile career move.


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