Grief and Loss (Self-Paced)

Grief and Loss (Self-Paced)

Grief is something you never truly recover from. Don't get me wrong, there is healing from grief and loss. You will recover from the intense pain; you will learn to move forward. You will not be forced to live in anguish for the rest of your days. This self-paced course is to help you develop the awareness that grief is more than just pain. Over time, your grief will evolve into something new. It's important that you hold space for those emotions and experiences because some of them might just be more beautiful than you can imagine. 

What was once a painful day of memory can evolve into warmth and celebration. While humans always seek closure and enjoy resolution, that's not how grief operates. That doesn't mean recovery doesn't belong in the grief process, it's just that we need to redefine what we believe it is we're recovering from. It's also normal to experience unpleasant thoughts and emotions related to that grief. You must allow yourself space to process those types of emotions. We are going to find joy and sadness in life, death is no different.


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