Self-Love to Improve Your Inner Naysayer (Self-Paced)

Self-Love to Improve Your Inner Naysayer (Self-Paced)

Hello! Welcome to our self-paced course, Self-Love to Improve Your Inner Naysayer. This month will be dedicated to all things self-love. You’ll discover what self-love means and how to express it. We’ll also cover techniques for increasing your self-confidence and appreciation of yourself. There’s so much to consider about learning to love yourself, and the benefits are numerous. lf-love is really a simple concept. It refers to the ability to regard yourself positively in a variety of aspects. When you embrace self-love, you think highly of your appearance and body image, as well as mental and emotional characteristics. You accept yourself as you are, but you are also excited about growing and improving every day. Self-acceptance doesn’t rely on waiting until “someday” to start living and enjoying your own company.


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