Family Pattern Identification

Family Pattern Identification

Family Pattern Identification
60 minutes

You and Dr. Jai will identify the characteristic, behavior, or emotions that are present in the relationship between the members of a particular family (e.g., between parents and children). Family patterns vary widely in emotional tone and in the attitudes of the members toward each other. Covered as needed are nuclear families, same-sex families, single-parent families, stepfamilies, and extended family patterns. Mapping the intersection of Not Parent Expected (NPE) and biological families is also mapped. With Dr. Jai’s support, you’ll expand your awareness of these beliefs that were passed down from generation to generation. Our beliefs and worldview are deeply ingrained from childhood. Together, where you previously were not able to pinpoint exactly how they originated, they can be mapped out to see how these characteristics are showing up in your life. Adults are comfortable in their belief that there’s no way we still share those familial patterns and traits. Not true folks! Not all family patterns are positive or healthy. In fact, some family patterns are destructive and painful. So, how do we break out of our negative family patterns and explore our beliefs?

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