Group Coaching Programs

Group Coaching Programs

Group Coaching Programs
Ranges Upto $2000 Per Program

Dr. Jai has group programs that assist her in coaching clients to learn the benefits of forming relationships and problem-solving with others. The skills learned can be taken to their personal and professional lives. Within the space of the group setting, there is developed shared wisdom for solving complex problems. In a group program, my clients will have access to more diverse insight than they would in a one-on-one coaching session: my clients reap the benefits of my wisdom and the wisdom of the group. When we’re faced with obstacles on the path to achieving our goals, support is vital. Accountability is one thing, but to succeed, we need cheerleading, repeated reassurance, and (when we achieve our goals) celebration! 

Dr. Jai understands that one of the main reasons why her clients benefit from group coaching is that they want to achieve big things without feeling alone and have support as they overcome a lot of self-doubts. While seeing others struggle with similar things and then overcoming them can be a massive boost in confidence, this helps Dr. Jai’s clients to overcome their own self-limiting beliefs and progress much faster.

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