Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Through individual sessions, this service provided by a coach specifically trained in trauma recovery and secondary trauma works with survivors, caregivers, healers, and respondents as peers. Based upon a client-led process, the coach will facilitate, educate, and support you with the goal of helping you understand the recovery process, reconnect with yourself or support your provision of care and services. You will be able to envision and create the world you desire while using your strengths to build a life you love living. Trauma Recovery coaching is a process that aims to facilitate a client-led process to focus on the “here and now” rather than on the past. Dr. Belton, a coach trained by The International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching, has completed specific training and instruction, practicums, and supervision to provide trauma recovery coaching services. The IAOTRC specifies guidelines and ethics to practice which include client safety, confidentiality, and trauma-informed delivery of services. Trauma Recovery Coaching under this service is provided in an individual session.


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