Open Group Coaching

Open Group Coaching

Trauma Recovery Coaching offered in an online 90-minute group format. Online or in-person, the time will be spent supporting the tenets of trauma recovery through a safe confidential group experience. Individual questions might not be directly addressed however, trauma recovery concepts will be discussed and processed as a group. 

Groups meet weekly and are strictly limited to 10 registered participants. Individual Coaching is not offered during this format. This is a no judgment, and the provision of safety and support within the group. Any behaviors that impact the health of the group members will see those persons removed and banned from further group attendance. 

There are no recordings of this group. Group Coaching is a facilitative method that leverages the resources and awareness of a group of individuals working on a common theme but having unique individual trauma recovery goals. Typically, group coaching merges coaching, which is based on the participant’s needs, with instruction, which is presented as part of the program content with potential strategies and modeling of behaviors. 

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